Thursday, June 10, 2010


No, this ain't a "start-of-the-semester" entry. If it were, I would have posted this a couple of days ago. Ha ha. I really don't have anything to say, or type, for that matter. It's just that I'm here in the apartment, alone, with no one to talk to and I'm bored because my next class is not until 10:00am and that's like not for another hour and a half. And I'm talking too much again. Ha ha.

Week's been great so far. Me and Vin have been spending an awful lot these past couple of days. So much for saving up for our Sidekicks. All's well, though. The three of us (Mino, Vin, and I) are now comfortable in the new apartment (aptly called "Pureness"). The space needs constant cleaning though. Ha ha. OC mode ON. Or not.

So I guess I'm bored with typing already. Ha ha. Till next time!

P.S: I got a song done yesterday. Did it in like ten minutes, both the melody and the lyrics. Vin's working on improving the music and I'm revising some words. It helps that we have this emo/chill spot just outside our apartment. It helps us uhm, be emo. Ha ha. Oh well.

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