Sunday, January 9, 2011

Better Late Than Never 2010 Wrap Up.

1) BUDDY OF THE YEAR: Still, Marvin Manaig. God knows how I wouldn't survive this year without the best bud.

2) LIFETIME SERVICE AWARD: Marvin Manaig and Rouvel Cueno. My brothers from diff'rent mothers. Ha ha!

3) NEWCOMER AWARD: Tambalang PorNo (Portia Castro and Mino Marimat), FTW!

4) HIGHEST POINT OF THE YEAR? October 22, I guess. Mum's birthday, where I realized a lot. No, actually, one thing.

5) LOWEST POINT OF THE YEAR? Before 2nd semester started, I think. Ha ha.

6) BEST HOLIDAY? I have to say the entire Christmas - New Year season.

7) YOUR SONG FOR 2010? Hanging By A Moment (Lifehouse) and Di Na Natuto (Gary Valenciano)

8) BEST MOVIE FOR 2010? My Amnesia Girl. Hands down!

9) WHO DID YOU SPEND VALENTINES WITH AND WHERE? SPent it with my usual dates for Valentines, the UPLB Street Jazz Dance Co.

10) WHAT WERE YOU FOR HALLOWEEN? Wasn't able to go to any costume or Halloween parties.

11) RESTAURANT OF THE YEAR? Still, Dusit Thani. Ha ha.


13) BEST DECISION MADE THIS YEAR? To let go of my fear of being in love again.

14) WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR NEXT YEAR? I say these two things every year: Get better. And improve more. Redundant, I know. Ha ha.

15) MOST STUPID ACTION WHEN DRUNK? Unbelievable as it may seem, I didn't get too drunk that past year.

16) TV SHOW OF THE YEAR? Master Chef USA!

17) MOST LOYAL FRIEND(s)? Marvin Manaig, Rouvel Cueno, Lisette Quilloy, Sabrina Marin and the Unit 7 Housemates.

18) HEARTBREAKER OF THE YEAR? THE heartbreak wouldn't happen until January 7, 2010, actually.


20) NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION? Get better. Improve.

2010: In The Beginning

Who were you with? Family

Did you kiss anyone at midnight? Mum and other relatives count? Ha ha.

Did you make any resolutions? No

2010: Your Love Life

Did you break up with anyone? No

Did you get anything for Valentine's day? None

Did you meet anyone special? Yes

Did you fall in love? Yes. Again. Hard, at that one, too.

2010: Friends and Enemies

Did you meet any new friends this year? Yes

Did any of your friendships end? No

Did you dislike anyone? I can't remember. Ha ha.

Did some friends leave you? Fortunately, none of them left me. Ha ha.

Did you make any new enemies? No.

Did you resolve any fights? Yes

Who was your closest friend? Marvin tops the list. Sab comes in second. Ha ha.

Who did you grow apart from? No one that I know of. Ha ha.

Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships? None

2010: Your BIRTHDAY!!!

Did you have a cake? Yes. Three!

What did you do for your birthday? Woke up to a "club scene" in the apartment with "Birthday Sex" blasting from the speakers. Went to class. Had lunch with Marvin, Lala and Reina. Finished school work. Went home and celebrated with the family.

Did you have a party? Yes. One at home (on the day itself), and one "session" with the house mates a couple of days after.

Did you get any presents? Yes!

If so what was the best thing you got? Money. Ha ha.

2010: All about YOU

Did you change at all this year? Yes. I think patience upped its level once again.

Did you dye your hair? Once. For Verve II: Livin' It U.P.

Did you get your hair cut? Yes

Did you change your style? Towards the end of the year, I guess. Ha ha.

Were you in school? Yes

Did you get good grades? Ha ha.

Did you have a job? Got some singing and hosting stints. Worked as an English tutor over the summer.

Did you drive? Yes

Did you own a car? Sort of. Ha ha.

Did anyone close to you give birth? I can't seem to remember. Haha.

Did you move at all? What context? Ha ha!

Did you go on any vacations? Yes

Did you leave the country at all? No

Would you change anything about yourself now? Lose more weight!

2010: Wrap Up.

Was 2010 a good year? Good, I guess.

Did 2010 bring any new insights? Yes

Do you think 2011 will top 2010? I'm gonna make sure it will!

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