Monday, November 1, 2010

Sem-break? Doesn't ring a bell, sorry.

Frankly, I didn't experience sem-break at all. I've been up and about and running around these past few days. I ain't complaining though. Me staying at home, being stagnant and all, is definitely a no-no. I'd rather miss out on days lounging on the sofa than miss out on all the fun the outside world can offer. Ha ha.

I'm too lazy to construct cohesive paragraphs so pardon me if I'm gonna state random, err, statements. Ha ha!

  • I'm really disappointed that I wouldn't be marching this April, instead, I'll be finishing my college degree by October of next year.
  • I'm happy right now. I'm over the graduation stuff. I'm really, really happy. All thanks to Lia -.-
  • I'm excited. November 20, 2010. Araneta Coliseum. See you there!
  • I'm happy. Ha ha. If it ain't obvious already. Ha ha!
Okay. I've not much to add. Nasabi ko na ba na masaya ako? Ha ha!

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