Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mas Practical Na Wishlist.

Two weeks ago, I posted my wish list in Facebook. Recent events led me to mull things over and make another wish list. This time, a little bit more practical.

Practical in the sense that it may not be really affordable, but it would serve as an investment. Yes naman, nag-iisip ng future. Siyempre, kasama ka sa future na 'yon.


I've somehow developed a liking towards beanies. Ironic, really, since I don't wear caps, or any head gear for that matter. But beanies come in handy when I'm having a bad hair day or when I'm too lazy to fix my hair or when I'm travelling long distances. Future use? Uhm, protection? HA HA!

Converse Chuck Taylors (image from

Because no one can have enough Chucks. I miss having five different Chucks. All five have given up on me and my big feet but I solemnly swear and believe that they have served me well. It's time to get casual, too. I miss being all laid back with what I wear. Future use? I'm gonna have quite a number of shoes in the long run. Ha ha. I need to take care of 'em, though.

Apple iPod Touch 4th Gen (32GB or 64GB, please)

Because I can never have enough music. And it's technically an iPhone without the phone functions (phone call and text messaging). So, instead of selling a kidney for the iPhone 4, I might as well get this and a not-so-high-end-mobile-phone. Future use? Uhm, for my music career? Ha ha. Kidding. This one here is plain gadget-lust.

Camera gear.

I lost my Nikon Front Snap-on Lens Cover and I'm getting tired of using my kit lens so, I wish to have a Nikon AF-S DX VR Zoom - 55-200mm f/4-5.6G. I believe this lens is very promising especially in the type of photography that I'm interested in. A flash unit, any from the Speedlight SB series, would be of great help, too. And of course, extra batteries. Future use? Obviously, these would be good, if not great investments for when I commit myself fully to photography.

Manila Scramble Kiosk

Seriously. For the sole reason that Manila Scramble makes you happy and giddy and makes you forget all the stress and what-nots that makes you worry a lot. Because I would love to be able to see your eyes disappear whenever you smile. At kapag ngumiti ka na, katulad ng yelo ng scramble na matagal bago kainin, natutunaw mo ang puso ko, at ako din ay napapasaya.

Nakakatawa kasi kahit na gumagawa ako ng wish list, eh ako rin naman ang bumibili ng mga 'to. Ha ha. Pero kung bibigyan niyo 'ko ng kung alin man dito, eh sino ba naman ako para tumanggi? Gwapo lang naman ako :)

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