Monday, December 13, 2010

Suck Cellular.

Bashing's not really in my nature but I could not let this instance pass.

The best bud and I decided to get postpaid plans from Sun Cellular (Waltermart Calamba Branch) to avail of their offer of the Nokia C3. We managed to submit all requirements in one day and we were told that application process would only take 2-3 days, 10 days max. 3 days passed and no word from them. 10 days after, still no word. We decided to come back and we were told that our application's already in the head office and is pending for higher approval. We were told that they'd be contacting us the following day, but to no avail. We constantly made follow-ups and they always say the same thing: "pending for higher approval".

This went on for a month. Last Saturday, December 11, 2010, I decided to visit the store branch again, hoping that I'd be coming home with two mobile phones and two activated lines, but I guess Sun Cellular is consistent, huh? This lady told me that our application is still (join me in saying it...) pending for higher approval. Oh, and that's not what actually made me go ballistic on them. The lady told me that they need a copy of the latest payslips (part of the requirements) because the ones we passed were "outdated" already. And that made me let out my wrath. Ha ha. They're telling me that the reason why they cannot process our application is because one of the requirements is already outdated, when I gave it to them ON TIME, when they asked me to. Obviously, the reason the payslips became "outdated" was because they weren't able to process our application earlier. What's the point of reminding your customers to pass requirements on time when you wouldn't use 'em right away? That's bullshit, Sun Cellular.

After my little bout with the attendant, I asked her would she be able to give me a definite day when we would hear from them again, and she told
me that I need to text or call their hotline (for the Waltermart Calamba Branch) so I'd be able to follow-up on the application. Which, totally led me to bring up yet another issue. See, whenever we send a message or place a call to the hotline, we always, ALWAYS do not get an answer. So, I raised this issue and what does she tell me?

"Sir, busy din po kasi kami."

Wow. So, tell me, what's the pint of having a hotline for customer care and inquiries when you wouldn't answer it? Another bullshit point for you, Sun Cellular.

Upon hearing her say that, my jaw dropped (literally). I blurted out "So much for customer service." and went out of the shop fuming. That was a
ctually the first time that I got pissed (and expressed it) at something/someone in a public place.

Sun Cellular is a disappointment. Now I know why you can't be the number 1 telephone company here in the country. Heck, you couldn't even be on the 2nd spot. Ha ha. I've cancelled the application for the two postpaid plans and we'll be sticking with Globe.

Again, I'm not a basher by nature, but Sun Cellular's sucky service deserves this blog entry. Think of it as my Christmas gift to you :)

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