Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I'd Go That Far.

Had anyone asked me a year ago on how long am I willing to wait for someone, I would've answered with "I don't know". I'm basically the patient guy, but hey, I'm no hypocrite. I do get tired. But I guess I've had a tad bit practice on waiting through the years.

Ask me the same question now and I'ma tell you one thing. And that's "I don't care". Yes, I'm very well aware that the mere act of waiting entails me falling even deeper and deeper every single day. And also leads me to days and days of being alone.

But then again, I'd willingly spend a thousand days alone for you. Just promise me that at the 1001st day, you'd be there, and then from that moment on, I'd be able to spend a thousand and one lifetimes with you.

I love you.


Shinichi-kun said...

wow, i wish I had the guts to do that, I mean its easy to say I could, but as soon as I knew that the person wasn't interested I had to find a way to fill the void, i guess I'm just weak. but I envy you ability to wait for the one you love to see you the way you want, I hope you don't have to wait long.

Chris said...

Hey, thanks for taking some time to read my entry and to post a comment :)

I, too, have had my fari share of "giving up" moments. However, I think my decision to wait for her this time is because I've decided to make her worth the wait. She could be just a normal girl to some, but I've chosen to make her and treat her special.

I have no guarantee as to where this waiting might lead. But I know it's worth the try, and hopefully, when the right time comes, I'd be able to say that she's really worth the wait.