Wednesday, December 22, 2010

"O My Yogurt" in SM City Calamba.

Vin, Yron and I decided to go see a movie in the newly-opened SM Cinemas in SM City Calamba. While waiting for Yron, Vin and I decided to try "O My Yogurt".

The shop is not-so-conveniently located at the 3rd level of the Mall. It is, however, very near the SM Cinemas, so I guess the store wouldn't be too hard to notice, especially with it's vibrant red and pink colored interiors.

The Counter, where you choose your toppings, get your tub weighed, and of course, pay.

I guess what sets "O My Yogurt" apart from all the other yogurt shops today is their "self-service feature". Ha ha. Since we've been getting our yogurt fixes often from "The White Hat" and "Red Mango", we decided to give it a go. The ladies in uniform help first time customers "build" their yogurt tub. "O My Yogurt" features several flavors of yogurt (another thing that sets them apart) like Chocolate, Vanilla, Almond, Melon, among others. Also, "O My Yogurt" doesn't have a fixed price for their tubs and since it's a DIY shop, there are also no standard variants of their yogurt cups and tubs, instead, they weigh your tub and charge 20php per oz. This might seem cheap, but actually, it's not.

The ladies in uniform by the self-service, soft-served yogurt machine area.

Now, for our first time in "O My Yogurt", we got the medium-sized tub and filled it (from bottom to top) Almond Yogurt, Chocolate Yogurt, Vanilla Yogurt, Chocolate Chips, Gummy Bears, Corn Flakes, M&M's (or were they NIPS?), and crushed Graham Crackers. We got our tub weighed and we were charged 241php. That, I think, is relatively expensive since I can get a bigger tub from TWH for around 200php only. Oh, well.

Payed over 200php for this. Hmmmm.

Their yogurt is okay, I guess. It just falls short on the density department. I guess I'm just used to eating super dense yogurt from both TWH and RM. Vin and I particularly enjoyed both the Almond Yogurt and the Chocolate Yogurt since both have the usual yogurt flavor infused with their respective flavors. The Vanilla flavored yogurt on the other hand is less very unsatisfactory. First, it doesn't taste anywhere near vanilla. Second, it doesn't even smell like vanilla. And lastly, it's texture is awful. It has a lot of air in it and that decreased it's smoothness big time. We can't really say much about the toppings since they're kind of generic. Although I'm really biased since TWH offers far more delicious toppings. Ha ha!

Overall, I believe that "O My Yogurt" is worth your try. It offers more than just your plain yogurt if you're tired of the plain semi-sweet and a tad bit sour yogurt from all the other yogurt shops out there today.

"O My Yogurt" is located near the Cinemas, 3rd Level of SM City Calamba, Calamba City, Laguna.

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apple said...

I like O My Yogurt because unlike any other yogurt store they have many toppings that you can choose from. I also like the warm assistance and greeting coming from their friendly staff. Although it is located at the third floor still it really does caught attention. I also agree that vanilla's texture is quiet not good but then they have a lot of flavored yogurt meaning you also have lots of choices. And also for yogurt lover this is a good try. =)