Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hey, You.

For a short time earlier, I thought of dismissing the idea of "us". I don't know. Maybe I'm tired. No, I know I'm tired, physically, that is. But I've never gotten tired when it comes to matters with you. I guess it's impatience that's gotten into me. But then again, since when have I become impatient with you? I think it's safe to answer that with a "never".

I almost jumped into another river. One that's offering to envelop me with water so warm, it'd melt my heart. But I didn't. It's either I'm too caught up with the idea of me loving you so much, or just the fact that I really am in love with you. I'd say it's the latter any given time, because it's the truth.

I need someone who can reciprocate what I feel. Right now, I know it can't be you. But the truth is, I want and need it to be you.

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