Thursday, February 24, 2011

Not The Third Wheel vs. The Third Wheel.

This is me typing with under 5 hours of sleep and with close-to-being-unbearable tonsillitis. I hate being a third wheel (a fifth wheel, a seventh wheel, or any-other-odd-number wheel) for crying out loud. I think it's just plain wrong. Well, at least for me, hence the "I" in the previous sentence. Believe me when I say I've played that dreaded role a number of times, and also got to experience having someone play that Judas-of-a-part when I'm with someone. Hence, forgive me, if I have to write this entry in two different perspectives.

Again, these are my thoughts.

Point A: From The Not The Third Wheel aka Half The Couple

Is it okay to lug around (for lack of better term) someone when you're with your partner? Yes. Is it preferable? No. Yes, it is okay, because it's good to be in the company of others whilst enjoying your time as a couple. No, it is not preferable, because sometimes, you get too comfy and forget that you have this other person with you. And we don't want anyone to feel left out, do we?

Some would say that things are different when the three (or five or seven or any-other-odd-number) of you are friends. I don't think so. I think when all of you are friends, especially really close ones, it is all the more important that the couple gets some couple time, for the sole and very obvious reason that you all are, wait for it, friends. Being friends, or in one clique somehow gives us the impression that y'all are almost always together. And that's exactly why the couple sometimes needs to "couple-away" from the friends, or friend, even just for a lil while.

The Not The Third Wheel's Advice To The Third Wheel

Know when it is okay to join in on the fun or whatever. No matter how "okay" it seems for the couple when you ask them if it is okay to join them, seriously consider all other things. I'm sure you get the picture. Oh, and one more thing, get a partner and save yourself from being the infamous third (or fifth or seventh or any-other-odd-number) wheel.

Point B: From The Third Wheel

As mentioned above, it is okay to join in on happenings with couple/s. Just consider the occasion or the time. In more cases than one, the Third Wheel actually gives life to the couple. Or saves them from a fight, albeit a petty one.

As a friend, the Third Wheel of course knows when not to be the Third Wheel. Of course, you can't join in on special occasions such as anniversaries, monthsaries, weeksaries, daysaries, hourseries, minutesaries, secondsaries, and any other occasion dear to the couple.

In short, just don't be the third wheel. Ha ha. Damn it. Even I can't convince myself that it's sometimes okay to be the infamous spare tire. So much for taking the two sides. Ha ha. Well, at least I tried.

The Third Wheel's Advice To Another Third Wheel

I guess I have to agree with the Not The Third Wheel, go get yourself someone! Ha ha!


I guess I pretty much wasted your time and mine with this entry, but I guess it boils one to one thing, I hate third wheels. Being one, or being in the presence of one.

Hmmm. Hate is such a strong word, I believe, so I guess I'ma use dislike instead.

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