Wednesday, February 2, 2011

So Much For Saving.

I've been consistently bickering about my iPod's "death" and how I need to save up to get three 4th Generation iPod Shuffles for the best bud (post-19th birthday slash post-Christmas slash advanced 20th birthday gift), my cousin RJ (post-birthday and advanced graduation gift) and of course, for myself, since I seriously need a music player and music blasting from my mobile phone just wouldn't suffice. I am still hoping that my mum or my godfather would get me an iPod Touch soon, but for now, I've decided to go the less expensive way, so that I might get them two boys their respective gifts.

Since a 4th Generation iPod Shuffle costs around 2,300php, I need to have 7,000php (fare included) by the end of February. "I could do this", I told myself a couple of nights ago. "From here on out, I'd not spend on things I do not need and would not do the usual splurging on food and other what-nots."

Then Monday happened. I was feelin' a bit off (started late Saturday, actually) and made me too lazy to cook so I headed out to McD's and got some breakfast food. Ka-ching. 120php outta my wallet already. Mid-morning came and I went to Team One's practice and got 'em some snacks. Ka-ching. 16ophp gone. Lunch came and the best bud and I decided to finally eat in (drum roll please) Faustina's. Just when I made a pact to myself to save up, I grab the best bud and head on out to Faustina's. Ka-ching. 500php straight to our tummies.

If you're thinking I stopped spending right after lunch, you're wrong. Ha ha! Lia came over and since she hasn't eaten the whole day, I got a box of Choco Butternut Donuts from Dunkin Donuts. After running some songs for Wednesday night's gig and half a movie, Lia and I went to LBDH for her appointment with Dr. Moran. Test results say that she doesn't have amoebiasis, thank God. I then accompanied her to her grandmother's house then decided to meet up with the best bud for some street food. Spent some 30php on street food then decided to go home. It would be awesome to say that that was the last stuff I spent money on that day but it wasn't. Ha ha! I decided to treat the housemates to a KFC Bucket Meal since I was feelin' really good by night fall, and since we were all too lazy to cook anything. 620php devoured in less than an hour.

Do the math and you'd see that I spent an awful lot of money on the first day of the week. Nyeta. So much for saving up. But at least I enjoyed. Palubag-loob pa tayo! Ha ha!

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